Tinkermite on BoingBoing!

Tinkermite was on BoingBoing.net!

Kickstarter! Come support us!

Come support Tinkermite on Kickstarter! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/829442183/tinkermite-tablet-low-tech-play-high-tech-learningContinue Reading

Tinker Tablet Photo Shoot

My friend Chris Wells is a great photographer who has started to do more product focused shooting. We set up a temporary studio in his basement for some short-notice shots to show off our prototype.Continue Reading

TinkerMite is live on KICKSTARTER!

Hi Friends! We have flipped the switch on our KickStarter campaign and we now have 28 more days to validate all the work that we have put into designing our Tinker Tablet. I can’t tell you how many day I left home in the dark of the early morning to meet Kenji, Tony and JacobContinue Reading

What is the Tinker Tablet?

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Tinkermite Design and Developments

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What is Tinkermite?

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Checking out the prototype

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Prototyping on a Sunday Afternoon

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What do you think about our new logo?

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